Website Maintenance Services

One’s website may already be engaging, attractive and optimized in favor of search engines, however you do not have to worry regarding maintaining its status yourself. We, at SRS tech solution appreciate and take care of website maintenance on the behalf of you so that you don’t have to be concerned about getting your website optimized and engaged. We offer website maintenance services that can:

  • Ensure that your website changes with the change in external environments.
  • Provide time to time website updates in order to meet the needs of your site content, which involves product/ service updates, overall site improvements, interactivity maintenance and ecommerce specials.
  • Endows with access to an online helpdesk so that you can effortlessly send your updates through, permitting a member of your squad to take care of several modifications for you promptly.

What is the use of website maintenance?

  • One of the most important features of your website is to attract new customers, but what about existing ones? SRS Tech solution will concentrate on your website maintenance and helps you to keep existing customers as well.
  • Google favors a well maintained and fresh content and frequent updates helps to add the credibility to your website.
  • Do your webpage still contain that old content? So it’s time to make necessary alterations in that, otherwise your clients could simply deem your content void.

Illustrations of services incorporated in our plans:

  • File downloads: Additions or removals of PDF’s as well as other documents.
  • Text: Additions or removals.
  • Navigation: Vital navigational changes (insert, move or delete a point in the navigation)
  • Photos: Additions, removals or basic retouching.
  • Videos: Additions and cutting of pre- edited videos.
  • Links: insertions or deletions
  • All standard support: assist with e-mail set-up, etc.
  • Color along with background images: alteration and replacements.
  • Forms: Dynamic form layout plus assimilation.
  • WebPages: Insertions or deletions via existing webpage design.